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Business IT & The “Local” Factor – Interview

In the face of a technology failure, every minute matters. Effective systems require dependable and swift support, whether ensuring your business can still receive calls during a record-breaking storm, to getting security systems back online in the middle of the night, or some other unforeseen situation. Having a local, reliable service provider consistently deliver in service, response times, and attention to detail does more than provide peace of mind—it takes the IT complexities off a business owner’s shoulders. Hamilton keeps your business’ performance a top priority. Because we believe you deserve to focus on what matters most, growing your operation and [...]

Business IT & The “Local” Factor – Interview2021-04-14T18:19:41+00:00

Protected Pockets: 5 Safety Tips for Mobile Devices

We love our mobile devices. In many ways, they make things easier and offer an appealing entertainment value. We can quickly snap photos, manage finances, catch up on social media, stay productive while working remote or simply connect with friends just about anywhere. Our lives, and yes, even businesses are more “mobile” than ever before. That all brings notable benefits. But what does that mean for cyber security, especially for business-connected devices? As with all technology, the more we rely on mobile devices the more important protecting those devices becomes. With all these advantages come a significant risk if your device [...]

Protected Pockets: 5 Safety Tips for Mobile Devices2021-03-02T22:18:12+00:00

3 Hidden Benefits of Upgrading Your School’s Tech

For most schools today, the focus on technology is the same: Ensuring students and staff have the best tools needed to pursue modern-day learning, in an environment uniquely suited to handle 21st Century challenges. Keeping students, teachers, administration and even the facility connected and protected. Updating computer hardware and locked access points are a great place to start but not necessarily comprehensive solutions.  When it comes to reliable technology, schools deserve the very best institution-wide solutions. But what does that look like? Upgrading your school’s technology opens the door for a variety of benefits, beyond strengthening connections and protection. It may [...]

3 Hidden Benefits of Upgrading Your School’s Tech2021-02-25T22:18:31+00:00


Whether taking care of business in-office or at home, everyday operations depend on the strength of your business’ connection, availability, data protection and hardware. Keeping a business connected and protected does not have to be complicated, but it does need to be done right. That is why partnering with a local Managed IT provider is important; working with a team that knows the right solutions and is invested in the goals of the businesses they serve paves the road for success in more ways than one. Our own Dan DeNeui was recently featured on the Grand Island airwaves sharing the numerous [...]

BUSINESS CONNECTIONS & MANAGED IT – Interview2021-01-14T22:25:40+00:00

Distance Defense: 4 Digital Security Tips for Working Remotely

Cyber security risks do not stop at the office doors. As many businesses double down on work-from-home plans or look to enhance their remote work infrastructure, it is vital to consider what that means for overall network health and IT protocol. Because while online access grants teams work location flexibility, it also brings potential vulnerabilities to your business. The chief goals of a remote work implementation strategy, whether it be an operational response to unique situations or simply part of your business norm, should be enabling your people to work in a comfortable, familiar, and productive environment, while also ensuring that [...]

Distance Defense: 4 Digital Security Tips for Working Remotely2021-01-12T16:12:44+00:00
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