Managed IT Service for Better Workflows – Interview

Keeping up with the latest tech for your business can be difficult. A trusted Managed IT service provider can make it simple. Dereck Djernes shares how Hamilton makes handling your business IT easy and efficient. Modern-day technology reliance for businesses means higher performance expectations, stronger security requirements and more rigorous maintenance processes. This makes it difficult for business owners to single-handedly take care of their IT needs, including their phone systems, internet connections, network maintenance and other technology. That means business owners are faced with the need to either invest more time and [...]

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Should My Business Go Cloud-Based? – Interview

Many businesses benefit from cloud-based tools for their current operations. Adam Jurgens, New Business Developer, discusses the security and efficiency benefits of the cloud-based systems that Hamilton provides for businesses. Cloud-based storage has quickly become the backbone for business workflows. It provides new mobility in the tools we use for coordinating schedules, storing files, communicating and much, much more. Naturally, businesses across nearly all industries are finding new benefits from integrating these tools into their operations. But how do business owners know when and how to adopt a cloud-based system? It is not a matter of any [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions for Cybersecurity – Interview

Cybersecurity threats are always changing but remain a constant threat to businesses. In this radio interview, New Business Development Manager, Ryan Wineteer, provides guidance on new year’s resolutions for keeping your business secure. The beginning of a new year provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to set new goals and implement strategies for achieving them. Unfortunately, hackers also look for creative new ways to achieve their goals. For them, that means finding new methods to gain access to your network, compromising your data. Cybersecurity risks are always changing, so in planning for the new year, it’s crucial to prepare [...]

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Navigating the New Cybersecurity Rules – Interview

In this radio interview, Division Manager Dereck Djernes explains Cybersecurity Insurance (AKA Cyber Insurance) and its new role in protecting your business. Planning for the future means keeping your business strong against potential disasters. When setting up safeguards and insurance policies for those disasters that may adversely affect businesses, events like floods, tornadoes or fires may be front-of-mind. But is your business covered in the event of a cybersecurity attack? Data breaches and ransomware attacks may seem less threatening on the surface due to their more digital environment, but the potential results could be months of [...]

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Achieving Worry-Free Cybersecurity – Interview

When it comes to achieving better cybersecurity for your business, “using the right tool to get the job done” can often mean finding the right support.But finding the right company that can provide the most trusted expertise and support can be a tough process, especially when it comes to something as crucial as your business data. You want to ensure that you’re not just getting the technical know-how of a subject matter expert— but that you’re also getting peace of mind that your network, data and business is protected.An experienced technician team like Hamilton understands that your business is unique and [...]

Achieving Worry-Free Cybersecurity – Interview2022-09-15T18:55:12+00:00
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