3 Signs Your Business Needs Co-managed IT

Managed IT allows businesses to customize which IT services to keep in-house and which to which to get additional support. Growing your business is something to celebrate, but along the journey, there are businesses that run into a massive roadblock: How do you balance an increasing business workload? The choice between adding more in-house IT team members versus relying on an outside team can be tough. When it comes to your business technology, you need to make sure you have options. For those with no in-house IT staff, our team [...]

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Office Ergonomics: 7 Ways to Set Up Your Workstation

Is your workday affected by “Tech Neck”? Nearly all of us have been plagued by it at some point-- that aching feeling that accompanies “Office Syndrome”, or other persistent pains caused from sitting at a desk. The annoyance is nothing new. When your workstation is not set up ergonomically, taking care of business can make for a sore neck, stiff shoulders and strained eyes that can last long after your workday concludes. Just like with technology, taking care of physical discomfort issues only after they arise just provides short-term benefit. The key for long-term success is in taking the time presently [...]

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4 Tips for Acing your Next Virtual Meeting

We live in the age of virtual meetings. Especially in the arena of remote work and home offices, video conference calls have made business in the 21st Century more flexible, available, and, in some ways, more connected. That is why we are seeing more and more opportunities, events and key business meetings being conducted online. And why not? Video conference calls are convenient. But even in a virtual environment, making sure you present yourself as clear and professional should remain just as high of a priority as it is in face-to-face meetings. While every virtual meeting platform differs slightly in its [...]

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3 Hidden Benefits of Upgrading Your School’s Tech

For most schools today, the focus on technology is the same: Ensuring students and staff have the best tools needed to pursue modern-day learning, in an environment uniquely suited to handle 21st Century challenges. Keeping students, teachers, administration and even the facility connected and protected. Updating computer hardware and locked access points are a great place to start but not necessarily comprehensive solutions. When it comes to reliable technology, schools deserve the very best institution-wide solutions. But what does that look like? Upgrading your school’s technology opens the door for a variety of benefits, beyond strengthening connections and protection. It may [...]

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Distance Defense: 4 Digital Security Tips for Working Remotely

Cybersecurity risks do not stop at the office doors. As many businesses double down on work-from-home plans or look to enhance their remote work infrastructure, it is vital to consider what that means for overall network health and IT protocol. Because while online access grants teams work location flexibility, it also brings potential vulnerabilities to your business. The chief goals of a remote work implementation strategy, whether it be an operational response to unique situations or simply part of your business norm, should be enabling your people to work in a comfortable, familiar, and productive environment, while also ensuring that all [...]

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