Should My Business Go Cloud-Based? – Interview

Many businesses benefit from cloud-based tools for their current operations. Adam Jurgens, New Business Developer, discusses the security and efficiency benefits of the cloud-based systems that Hamilton provides for businesses. Cloud-based storage has quickly become the backbone for business workflows. It provides new mobility in the tools we use for coordinating schedules, storing files, communicating and much, much more. Naturally, businesses across nearly all industries are finding new benefits from integrating these tools into their operations. But how do business owners know when and how to adopt a cloud-based system? It is not a matter of any [...]

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3 Ways Hosted Phone Systems Streamline Your Workflow

Hosted phone systems offer better call quality, team mobility and a variety of tools to grow your business. In this article, we cover 3 ways this modern calling technology can streamline your entire team’s workflow.   No matter what size your team is, what your day-to-day operation looks like, or what industry you are part of, one thing rings true: A strong business is built on fostering strong connections, nurtured with reliable communications tools. Often, the first point of contact for new opportunities and current clients alike is through your phone system. This makes it a vital [...]

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4 Tips for Acing your Next Virtual Meeting

We live in the age of virtual meetings. Especially in the arena of remote work and home offices, video conference calls have made business in the 21st Century more flexible, available, and, in some ways, more connected. That is why we are seeing more and more opportunities, events and key business meetings being conducted online. And why not? Video conference calls are convenient. But even in a virtual environment, making sure you present yourself as clear and professional should remain just as high of a priority as it is in face-to-face meetings. While every virtual meeting platform differs slightly in its [...]

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Protected Pockets: 5 Safety Tips for Mobile Devices

We love our mobile devices. In many ways, they make things easier and offer an appealing entertainment value. We can quickly snap photos, manage finances, catch up on social media, stay productive while working remote or simply connect with friends just about anywhere. Our lives, and yes, even businesses are more “mobile” than ever before. That all brings notable benefits. But what does that mean for cybersecurity, especially for business-connected devices? As with all technology, the more we rely on mobile devices the more important protecting those devices becomes. With all these advantages come a significant risk if your device is [...]

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Over the last few months businesses have had to totally change the course of their typical operations. As the season progresses, some teams are starting to phase back into their normal office-based environment while others are exploring a more regular work-from-home approach. Through all these various transitions, Hamilton has been helping businesses navigate their connection needs. In those efforts, we have heard a couple questions frequently surface: What is the best way to ensure our connection infrastructure can accommodate our needs? How do we go about updating our existing operational and preparation policies? From the Business IT landscape, there is a [...]

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