4 Tips for Acing your Next Virtual Meeting

We live in the age of virtual meetings. Especially in the arena of remote work and home offices, video conference calls have made business in the 21st Century more flexible, available, and, in some ways, more connected. That is why we are seeing more and more opportunities, events and key business meetings being conducted online. And why not? Video conference calls are convenient. But even in a virtual environment, making sure you present yourself as clear and professional should remain just as high of a priority as it is in face-to-face meetings. While every virtual meeting platform differs slightly in its [...]

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Over the last few months businesses have had to totally change the course of their typical operations. As the season progresses, some teams are starting to phase back into their normal office-based environment while others are exploring a more regular work-from-home approach. Through all these various transitions, Hamilton has been helping businesses navigate their connection needs. In those efforts, we have heard a couple questions frequently surface: What is the best way to ensure our connection infrastructure can accommodate our needs? How do we go about updating our existing operational and preparation policies? From the Business IT landscape, there is a [...]

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Cybersecurity Basics – Interview

Working remote and making quick adjustments have become the new temporary norm. Through all the strategic shifts required to accommodate telecommuting staff, a few questions frequently surface: What is the best way to ensure our network stays secure when working remote? How do we equip our teams with what they need to meet new, secure operational standards? In the landscape of network reliability and security, knowing is half the battle. Keeping your business connected and protected is possible, even when working from home. Recently, our own Security Manager, Rob Leonard, was featured on KRGI radio in Grand Island to share [...]

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Equipping Teams to Work Remote – Interview

Businesses operations look very different than they did a month ago.  The level of flexibility, strategic adjustments, pivoted projects and shifting to accommodate telecommuting staff is unprecedented.  Some aspects of transitioning are easier than others, but through it all one question frequently surfaces: What are the best ways to keep staff connected within a new working landscape? Telecommuting has been a standard part of our operation for a number of years. Taking the last two months into account we, like many other businesses, have had to move much more of our own staff to working remotely. Having that existing infrastructure in-place [...]

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