Businesses operations look very different than they did a month ago.  The level of flexibility, strategic adjustments, pivoted projects and shifting to accommodate telecommuting staff is unprecedented.  Some aspects of transitioning are easier than others, but through it all one question frequently surfaces:

What are the best ways to keep staff connected within a new working landscape?

Telecommuting has been a standard part of our operation for a number of years. Taking the last two months into account we, like many other businesses, have had to move much more of our own staff to working remotely. Having that existing infrastructure in-place enables us to make the necessary quick adjustments for our own operations while also equipping a number of businesses with the solutions they need to remain connected.  From equipping field technicians with apps to service customers digitally, to providing complete laptops and workstations for employees to operate from home, to providing secure connection solutions to large organizations and healthcare facilities.  Our team, like many others, has had to make quite a few adjustments — but having the right tools  available makes it all more manageable.  Now, perhaps more than ever, technology services are needed to help keep local businesses connected, secure and thriving.

Recently, our own Business Developer, Adam Jurgens, had an opportunity to share some work-from-home tips and tools on KRGI radio in Grand Island.  We have seen and heard a lot from businesses that are working to quickly expand access.  As with many things, some of the best solutions are quite simple and familiar.  Check out Adam’s interview to get the whole picture:

We believe in local business and we believe in the value they bring to their communities and customers.  In this time of seemingly constant adjusting we understand that keeping businesses and their services available and thriving is the name of the game.  Whatever the unique needs may be—they deserve the best.  And sometimes, the solution is as simple as understanding the full capabilities of tools already in-place.

Either way, our team of business solution technicians are always happy to answer any questions and offer trusted consultation.

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