Cybersecurity threats are always changing but remain a constant threat to businesses. In this radio interview, New Business Development Manager, Ryan Wineteer, provides guidance on new year’s resolutions for keeping your business secure.

New Year's Resolution - Cybersecurity

The beginning of a new year provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to set new goals and implement strategies for achieving them.

Unfortunately, hackers also look for creative new ways to achieve their goals. For them, that means finding new methods to gain access to your network, compromising your data.

Cybersecurity risks are always changing, so in planning for the new year, it’s crucial to prepare your business by setting some new cybersecurity resolutions.

New Business Development Manager, Ryan Wineteer, was recently featured on the Grand Island radio airwaves to discuss some effective cybersecurity resolutions to set for your business.

How can businesses add cybersecurity to their new year’s resolution list?

Prevention is powerful when it comes to cybersecurity.

Oftentimes, employees are the first line of defense against a cyber attack. Our team works to mitigate this risk by training employees to be vigilant against social engineering attacks. These threats can show up in an employee’s inbox, over the phone and in person.

Social engineering can change rapidly over time, so keeping your training up to date is a must. Current training prepares your team to spot and address incoming threats more effectively.

How do I train my employees for cybersecurity?

Whether they are brand new employees or have been there for many years, any employee can be a potential target for a cyber attack. That makes keeping everyone in the know a critical component of a cybersecurity plan.

Establishing cybersecurity training as a key part of your employee onboarding process, with routine training for all employees, ensures you prioritize data security from the start.

What other resolutions can I set for my business this year?

New Business Developer Manager, Ryan Wineteer, was recently featured on the Grand Island radio airwaves to discuss some effective cybersecurity new year’s resolutions to set for your business or check out new year’s resolutions for your computer.

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