Many teams have phased back into a more normal mode of operations in their office-based environment. Other businesses still have employees telecommuting in various capacities. Either way, transition remains part of all of our “new normal”.

Many businesses have found that new needs have emerged during this time; projects have pivoted; customer expectations have evolved; and teams have had to be more flexible than ever. In many ways, business will look different going forward.

What does that mean for future business operations planning?

Through all the various transitions, Hamilton has been helping businesses navigate their connection needs. Here are three tips we have been sharing with our customers and consultations lately:

1. Update corporate policies for offsite work

We have all learned a great deal in the last six months. After this season of transition, now is a great time to identify your needs. Some may still be the same, but it is likely there are a few new operational procedures that are worth addressing going forward. Take the time to review your current policies and procedures and discover how to best meet those needs from a technology and connection perspective. Even if telecommuting looks like it will become more regular with your team, it is always best to be prepared by reviewing and revising policies and procedures as necessary.

2. When was the last time your cybersecurity plan was reviewed?

Make sure you have a cybersecurity plan in place for the protection of your business’ network and data.

Most business can only be as productive and successful as their network and the management of their IT equipment like computers, servers and routers. Our business relies on these things every single day, and that is not going to change anytime soon. We frequently stress the continued importance of ensuring businesses strengthen their core infrastructure with the following:

  • Protected Data
  • A Secured Network
  • Trusted, Reliable Technology

We consider these to be core business basics. It is certainly the best way to ensure teams are equipped with the tools, infrastructure and secured network needed to grow your business.

While reviewing and revising cybersecurity processes, it may be a good time to ensure the physical security plan for your facilities is updated as well. Because ultimately, a secure operation helps ensure your staff is set up to succeed and your business thrives.

3. Find the Right Solution

Sometimes selecting the best option means digging deeper. Implementing solutions without taking the time to assess if it truly services your business needs often provides more headaches. In the end it may even cost more. With Managed IT, not every service is one size fits all. When it comes to updating policies, implementing a secure digital infrastructure, and maintaining necessary hardware and software — doing it right is more important than anything else.

With Managed IT, or even with simple operational details, a simple, comprehensive plan designed for your business needs is an effective way to ensure those components are covered. At the least you will know that your business is ready to accommodate these details in a more secure, efficient fashion. From a technical perspective it can be as simple as regular PC maintenance and repair or as large scale as a full server and network upgrade. But the most common components typically include:

  • Computer Management and Repair
  • Server Management
  • Software Support
  • Networking
  • Full Technical Advisement

Hamilton Managed IT is one of the best ways to help ensure businesses have exactly what they need from an IT perspective without overwhelming them with more needless tasks or overly complex technology.

Wherever or however your staff is operating today, your network, connection and IT still deserves the best. Now may be an opportune time to review existing operational policies and consider updates that will not only equip your teams with the resources they need but keep your business efficient in serving your customers and communities. With everything we have learned throughout this season, it is certainly a good idea to ensure your technology and network infrastructure are set-up to work for you in a secure, reliable fashion.

With 120 years of experience in the telecommunications and technology industry, Hamilton has the expertise and certified technicians to best serve your business. That is why we are happy to help.

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