3 Hidden Benefits of Upgrading Your School’s Tech

For most schools today, the focus on technology is the same: Ensuring students and staff have the best tools needed to pursue modern-day learning, in an environment uniquely suited to handle 21st Century challenges. Keeping students, teachers, administration and even the facility connected and protected. Updating computer hardware and locked access points are a great place to start but not necessarily comprehensive solutions. When it comes to reliable technology, schools deserve the very best institution-wide solutions. But what does that look like? Upgrading your school’s technology opens the door for a variety of benefits, beyond strengthening connections and protection. It may [...]

3 Hidden Benefits of Upgrading Your School’s Tech2022-06-03T13:50:34+00:00

Digital Hoarding: 3 Ways it Hurts Your Workflow

Piles of clutter can be a huge wake-up call to clean up, organize and put things in order. When that clutter lives in our desktops, inboxes and browsers it can be all too easy to set it aside, keeping it “out of sight and out of mind”. But holding onto digital materials beyond their need may prove to be a larger inconvenience than simply having a crowded desktop. In fact, the practice of digital hoarding can be harmful to business workflows in a variety of ways. Digital hoarding is defined as: Excessive acquisition and reluctance to delete electronic material that no [...]

Digital Hoarding: 3 Ways it Hurts Your Workflow2022-06-03T13:49:15+00:00
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