Adequate digital file storage and the need to ensure all data is secure and protected have become everyday concerns for businesses. Businesses are finding data centers and data colocation service to be more critical than ever for managing their business — and the demand for data center services is higher than ever.

So what are the top three ways your business could benefit with a Data Center?

1. Offsite Cloud and Colocation Solution

Data Centers provide a secure offsite location and redundant backup of all your business data. Colocation has become one of the leading solutions for businesses to protect their servers, data and ensure peace of mind in the events of fire, floods, tornadoes, cyberattacks or other issues that might impact your business server.

2. Optimum Security

Whether you are looking for managed or unmanaged colocation services, data centers deliver a secure facility, rack space and internet connectivity to keep your business running if something out of the ordinary happens to your business server. If your business relies on compliance with state or federal privacy requirements, Data Centers can be used to keep your data secure. A company with multiple geographically diverse data centers features even greater security for businesses.

3. Improved Access and Internet Availability

If your business is dependent on having access to your data and operations 24x7x365 a data center is critical and can ensure your data is accessible. In addition, multiple connections and pathways to the internet create a superior level of redundancy and ensures continuous uptime for your business data needs.

At Hamilton, we know the needs of businesses when it comes to their technology and that is why we built a data center to meet those needs. As the largest data center between Lincoln, Nebraska and Denver, Colorado, the Hamilton Data Center is built to meet NIST Tier 3 Standards and gives your business optimum power and protection.

If you are interested in learning more about what a data center can do your business, we would love to chat with you. Contact us today for any questions, or to schedule a quick, no-hassle consultation.

Server racks in computer network security server room data center.