For most schools today, the focus on technology is the same:

Ensuring students and staff have the best tools needed to pursue modern-day learning, in an environment uniquely suited to handle 21st Century challenges.

Keeping students, teachers, administration and even the facility connected and protected.

Updating computer hardware and locked access points are a great place to start but not necessarily comprehensive solutions. When it comes to reliable technology, schools deserve the very best institution-wide solutions. But what does that look like?

Upgrading your school’s technology opens the door for a variety of benefits, beyond strengthening connections and protection. It may be easy to think of technical upgrades resulting in short-term benefits like faster internet connections or clearer PA systems, but the benefits that lie beneath the surface not only improve long-term school performance, but also the lives of the students, educators and community at large.

Sourced right from our local Hamilton team, here are 3 benefits to schools and communities that come with investing in comprehensive technology solutions.

1. Knowing student whereabouts beyond the halls.

Students have a variety of reasons to come and go from their school grounds during the day. Whether it be doctor’s appointments, community college courses, internships, etc. Upgrading your school’s technology – especially security systems – helps keep tabs on this movement, giving educators and parents a clear peace of mind when it comes to their student’s safety. Keeping your systems up to date also provides a comprehensive approach to security. Having your cameras, access controls, connections and hardware current helps everyone stay on the same page with safety best practices and minimizes miscommunication.

2. Helping schools expect the unexpected.

Today, “keeping current with technology” means making sure your tech can withstand any new cybersecurity threats that may come. Simply put, 21st century problems require 21st century solutions that can be implemented at any date or time. Implementing updates gives administration, staff and students the peace of mind that the school is protected against the unexpected — no matter what form that may take. Schools are a crucial pillar to any community, big or small, urban or rural. Schools not only educate and enrich the lives of the future generation, but they also host our sporting events, provide accessible polling locations and can even serve as a meeting location during natural disasters. With an institution so versatile, it is no surprise that high-quality schools garner quite a bit of attention and community support.

3. Protecting students’ data.

Students are online in your school. That is a necessary fact.

Upgrading your school’s online infrastructure also means protecting the data that technology stores. Students and staff alike rely on technology for communication, file storage for homework and tests, security footage and records, etc. Taking the worry out of things like lost files, hacked emails and bad connections helps to make sure your school day runs smoothly. More importantly, it helps protect the online activity and identity of the most important part of your work – your students.

21st Century learning means online access. Ensuring that connection is secured is the next step.

Our Advice

When you upgrade your school’s technology infrastructure, you’re doing more than switching to the latest model or software — you’re investing in the education and the lives of everyone that rely on your institution.

When it comes to all the data on your school’s tech, Hamilton can be there to help keep your files secure.

If your school needs a strong, comprehensive access control system, Hamilton can help your school ensure proper access and security.

If you have any questions about how Hamilton may be able to upgrade your school, contact us today.

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