Would Your Business Survive a Ransomware Attack?

Let’s cut to the chase: When we talk with businesses concerned about ransomware, unfortunately it is no longer a question of, “if”, but rather, “when”. Ransomware attacks are nothing new. In fact, it can feel like a business is hit with one nearly every day. Because they can happen regularly they should be taken very seriously. Ransomware attacks are far more lasting than a mild inconvenience, with the consequences including: Compromised and/or Lost Data Costly Repairs Disrupted Supply Chains Irreparable Harm to Your Operation That may feel daunting, but the reality is that if your operations rely on network connectivity, ransomware [...]

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Office Ergonomics: 7 Ways to Set Up Your Workstation

Is your workday affected by “Tech Neck”? Nearly all of us have been plagued by it at some point-- that aching feeling that accompanies “Office Syndrome”, or other persistent pains caused from sitting at a desk. The annoyance is nothing new. When your workstation is not set up ergonomically, taking care of business can make for a sore neck, stiff shoulders and strained eyes that can last long after your workday concludes. Just like with technology, taking care of physical discomfort issues only after they arise just provides short-term benefit. The key for long-term success is in taking the time presently [...]

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Cybersecurity: Understanding the Basics

Simply put: Investing in strong cybersecurity can no longer be an “optional” part of a business plan. With new technological developments and potential threats coming in every day, it can be tough for business owners to stay ahead of the game. But, of course, sometimes the biggest challenge is simply getting started. From our team of experts we have compiled a few things to know about cybersecurity plans that will help better secure your business.   The Cybersecurity Lifecycle The cybersecurity lifecycle is an ongoing process of monitoring, mitigation, and implementation. Our team uses five basic principles to help any business, [...]

Cybersecurity: Understanding the Basics2022-09-15T18:56:56+00:00
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