It’s the end of the year and as you begin to wrap up projects and budgets, don’t forget to plan for your technology needs in the upcoming year. You might be surprised at the things you should already be thinking about. In this interview, our Hamilton experts share the biggest recommendations we give clients at this time of year and why it’s important to plan ahead for your technology needs.

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Plan for Your Tech Needs as you Prepare Your Annual Budget

As you prepare and plan for the upcoming year, be sure to include technology budgeting to your list. Whether it’s hardware such as your business phones or your building security or reviewing your network for much-needed upgrades and cybersecurity protection, working with an expert is the smart choice. Expenses related to technology can vary greatly and usually fluctuate from year to year. As such it is critical to review your budget and plan ahead for the year.

In a recent radio interview, Hamilton New Business Manager, Ryan Wineteer, talks us through the top items you should be considering for your tech plan in the coming year. Take a listen to the interview below.

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Work With Your Managed IT Provider to Prepare Your Tech Budget

As you prepare your tech plan for the upcoming year, working with your Managed IT service provider and your internal IT staff members will allow you to put together a roadmap for what needs may arise in the coming year. With their assistance, you can identify any new technology requirements and make it part of your planning. Additionally, Managed IT professionals can make you aware of any tech gaps throughout the company so you can work together to close those.

Don’t be afraid to go down this path. This planning doesn’t have to involve hours of calls or meetings. As a Managed IT service provider, we do the heavy lifting for you. We future proof your budget and get you set up and ready for planned business growth.

As Ryan mentioned in the interview, we encourage business owners to check for any leftover money in the budget this time of year. Should that be the case, it’s a perfect time to implement a year-end project for potential tax advantages. Those upgrades (ranging anywhere from camera systems in your facilities to firewalls for protection from cyberattacks) benefit both the business and the bottom line.

Why Proactive Technology Planning is Important

As you know, cyberattacks and thefts are costly to both your wallet and your reputation. In the interview, Ryan explains that it is better to be proactive about protecting your business and its assets. It costs less to prepare for these situations upfront than to try to clean it all up after the fact.

Hamilton makes budgeting for technology simple. We offer a fixed-fee bundle, so you don’t get hit with unexpected costs throughout the year—something your accounting department will appreciate. Ultimately, this type of service offering allows you to make more educated financial decisions for your business.

Cheers to your future success. Whatever that looks like for you, we at Hamilton would love to help get you there!

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