If you are still running a PC or tablet on Windows 7, it is time to upgrade. The popular Microsoft® operating system will reach its “End of Life” in January 2020, and for the sake of network and hardware security, you will want to be aware of a few important details.

What Does “End Of Life” Mean?

Microsoft has listed January 2020 as the end point of support for Windows 7. PCs and tablets with the operating system will still run, but ongoing maintenance and necessary updates will no longer be supported. This includes software, virus protection and other vital components. With the Windows 7 lifecycle ending, it is recommended that operating systems be upgraded to Windows 10.

What If I Don’t Upgrade?

It is important to understand that your PC will still run on Windows 7, however at the turn of the year it may be more susceptible to viruses and security breaches. These vulnerabilities could compromise your network and overall operations.

Making The Upgrade

The best move forward is upgrading to Microsoft’s most recent, reliable operating system, Windows 10. In addition to being faster, it supports multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. As a trusted upgrade, Windows 10 provides advanced security, support, software and a user-friendly interface.

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