Today, there are so many accounts that require us to create passwords that it can be easy to fall into a bad habit of creating passwords that may not be secure. With the rise in the number of cyber-attacks it is more necessary than ever to be conscientious about creating secure passwords. The following helpful tips will go a long way toward making your passwords more secure for your employees and business.

  • Make it Uncommon
    Avoiding common choices is vital to strengthening your login security. Some of the most commonly used passwords are variations on the word “Password”. Passwords like this are easily guessed and make it easy for a threat to gain access to your account. Other examples of common passwords are any that use several characters that are in a straight row on the keyboard or ones that use the current month or season.
  • Keep it Impersonal
    Avoid passwords that can easily be tied to you. There is a lot of information out on the internet that cyber-threats can gather about you. Using passwords with names of your children, pets, birth date or other information about you can make it easier for a cyber-criminal to gain access to your accounts.
  • Keep it Different
    There have been many instances in the past year of major sites being hacked and cyber-criminals gaining access to the user passwords from these sites. It is possible that a password you have used before is in the hands of somebody else. Having all passwords the same opens-up the chance that a cyber-criminal can use that password to gain access to your other accounts. Using different passwords on each of your sites makes it less likely that your other accounts would be compromised.
  • Keep a Policy
    For business operations, especially those with multiple locations and/or remote staff, crafting and maintaining a password security policy may be in your best interest. Having a policy on file, readily available and implemented in your training process enhances the efficiency of secure practices, mitigates risk and human error and goes a long way in establishing a culture of trusted, best practices.

Ultimately, a secure operation—even at the most basic levels—helps ensure your staff is set-up to succeed and your business thrives. At Hamilton we believe your business deserves the best, that is why we provide a wide variety of IT and security solutions. Because in today’s connected world, businesses should be able to trust their uptime and availability are secured and reliable. Implementing a trusted password protocol helps those efforts.

With 120 years of experience in the telecommunications and technology industry, Hamilton has the expertise and certified technicians to best serve your business. Hamilton is your trusted source for the management of all your IT needs.

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