The picture of office security is changing throughout the minds of business owners as technology evolves in today’s working world. For many, on-premise security such as physical guards isn’t feasible, however the need to protect your assets remains a priority. With so many options, it can be hard to determine what is best for your offices and buildings without the help of the experts.

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Protect Your People, Places & Things 

It’s time to say goodbye to using traditional keys as the primary mechanism for keeping your office building and/or property secure. Biometric access control is here. Biometric authentication devices apply advanced algorithms to capture patterns and convert them into encrypted digital templates. These biometric templates can’t be lost or forged, thereby offering some of the highest security levels on the market today. Not only do these devices provide security, but they are also quite convenient for end users. No more office keys getting lost or floating around potentially getting into the wrong hands.

In addition to sophisticated scanners, camera solutions have come a long way from the grainy, black-and-white videotapes of yesterday. Today’s video surveillance cameras may have a small footprint, but they can produce some of the clearest results with HD resolutions up to 4K. There are many different types of cameras available including 360-degree views from overhead as well as range capabilities that were unheard of even a few short years ago. 

Biometric scanners and video surveillance offer you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your business, the equipment and the people within your facility. Employees feel more comfortable when they know they’re working in a secure, protected environment. 

Advantages of Modern Security Cameras & Door Access Controls

The availability of advanced security options is just the beginning. There are more benefits that you should consider as you integrate advanced security technology at your office. The right access solution gives you flexibility. In a recent radio interview, Adam Jurgens, New Business Developer, explains how you may customize these access controls based on the person and the job at hand. Take a listen in on the interview below.

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Flexibility is the key to anything these days. When it comes to providing access to those who need it and restricting those who don’t, the ability to remotely manage access is one of the greatest benefits. Let’s take, for example, schools. When food deliveries are made to educational institutions, the cafeteria staff may not be present at the time of delivery. With the right controls in place, the district may grant the delivery driver permission to access only the kitchen’s refrigerator storage room. Coordination for deliveries is immediately less complicated. 

Office buildings today don’t all abide by the typical 8-5 work schedule anymore. We see more and more offices moving to remote working as a more common practice. That said, if you have an employee who tries to get into your building after hours, you can be alerted to their entrance thanks to a message (text, phone call and/or email) triggered by the scan of their finger. You know in the moment that this staff member is safe to enter and is not an intruder. 

On the flip side, you may want to call in local law enforcement for back up if that scan is NOT a staff member and could be a potential threat to your business. Having the ability to remotely check live surveillance video helps you quickly identify any abnormal activity captured by your video cameras. This gives you the ability to quickly make decisions about the alert. All this convenience resides in the palm of your hand—even when you’re away.

What amount of protection is right for your business? What security system fits your budget? What do you do if you have questions after installation? It’s best to ask an expert.  

Hamilton is here to help you identify areas where your business may benefit from access controls and video surveillance. Our team of installation professionals begins with a detailed mapping of where cameras, door access and other security devices such as window sensors should be placed to offer the maximum protection. Our team also builds in the ability to expand and integrate additional security features as your business grows and changes. This is an essential piece that you shouldn’t overlook.  

Working with an expert like Hamilton gives you peace of mind that your equipment is set up correctly, has the proper settings to meet your specific business needs, and has the backing of professional techs who can troubleshoot should the need ever arise. Give us a call at 308.381.1000 for more information. 

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