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We understand securing your business data and your team are vital to your daily operations. Hamilton Cybersecurity Solutions equip your business with a custom, comprehensive cybersecurity plan and tools to protect your business and create a culture of security along the way.

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Features & Benefits

Network Penetration Testing

Our team of experts identifies vulnerable points of access into your business’s network and helps you navigate an implementation plan for a more secure network.

Internal Vulnerability Assessments

Designed to pinpoint existing vulnerabilities, our team provides key insights into your existing cybersecurity infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

We provide a comprehensive assessment of your business’s current technologies to identify possible areas needing improvement to meet compliance standards.

What our Cybersecurity Services Include

With a full suite of security solutions, Hamilton provides the tools and information to protect your business from ransomware, physical vulnerabilities and other threats.

  • Internal Vulnerability Assessments

  • External Vulnerability Assessments

  • Penetration Testing

  • Security Policy Updates

  • Security Training

  • Phishing Simulations

  • Public Information Profiling

  • Physical Security Assessments

  • Patch Management

  • Vulnerability Testing

  • System monitoring

  • End Point Detection

  • System updates

  • Cyber Consulting

  • Data Security

  • 24/7 Support

Phishing Program Advantages


Keep your employees at the highest level of security awareness through continuous training and testing. Hamilton Phishing Simulator allows you to control every aspect of your phishing awareness program, with pre-configured or customizable phishing tests and online courses.


Continuously phish your employees to maintain a high level of security awareness. Our system has pre-configured phishing templates or you can build your own.


Train your employees on the risk and prevention of phishing using teachable moments or complete courses. Select from our established courses or create your own.


Analyze test results and validate security awareness with robust reporting. Obtain aggregate reports or get details on specific personnel.


21% of ransomware involve social actions

28% of phishing attacks are targeted.

43% of all breaches include social tactics.

66% of malware is installed via malicious email attachments.

90% of incidences and breaches include a phishing element.

93% of social attacks are phishing related.

Source: Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report – 10th Edition

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Program Advantages


We provide patches, servicing and anti-virus updates for your PCs; and prevent spam from reaching your network, reducing the likelihood of your network being compromised.


Data backup services provide peace-of-mind, knowing all critical business and customer data can be quickly restored.


Continuous insight into your network and preventative maintenance allows us to reduce the impact of IT failure by shortening the time between network decline and issue resolution.

Broadband grant money may be available for your telco.

Make sure you meet the cybersecurity requirements to be eligible. Hamilton can provide you with the plan and solutions to make sure you meet the cybersecurity requirements for BEAD funding eligibility.

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