In this radio interview, Division Manager Dereck Djernes explains Cybersecurity Insurance (AKA Cyber Insurance) and its new role in protecting your business.

Cybersecurity Insurance protection.

Planning for the future means keeping your business strong against potential disasters. When setting up safeguards and insurance policies for those disasters that may adversely affect businesses, events like floods, tornadoes or fires may be front-of-mind.

But is your business covered in the event of a cybersecurity attack?

Data breaches and ransomware attacks may seem less threatening on the surface due to their more digital environment, but the potential results could be months of downtime and volumes of compromised data. As a result, Insurance carriers have updated policies and requirements to keep you protected from these modern threats.

As the rules for protection policies may change, you may be wondering what being compliant – and protected – looks like.

Many of the requirements found in an insurance company’s digital disaster policy are also directly built into a Hamilton business cybersecurity plan. These required tools can include firewall protection, multi-factor authentication (MFA), email/network protection and more.

Hamilton Information Systems Division Manager, Dereck Djernes, recently appeared on the Grand Island airwaves to share how businesses can prepare for these new policy changes—along with how Hamilton can make modern cybersecurity protection easier than ever.


Check out the interview here:

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