Cybersecurity for Public Safety Officials

Vulnerability Management for Your PSAP

Trusted, reliable and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to protect your data and secure your network – when every second counts.

Penetration Testing

Assess the strength of your network and identify vulnerabilities in the network, systems and devices against attacks that would allow bad actors to exploit these vulnerabilities and gain access to your network. This evaluation is a critical component in your cybersecurity plan to identify the weaknesses in your network that are putting your PSAP at risk of a data breach.

When partnering with Hamilton, our team of experts will help your PSAP:

  • Test Your Security Controls

  • Mitigate Vulnerabilities

  • Prevent Data Breaches

penetration testing
Cycle of Vulnerability Assessment

Complete Vulnerability Assessment

A systematic evaluation conducted within your network, systems, and infrastructure to identify potential security weaknesses, flaws, or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by bad actors or malicious software.

Stages of Vulnerability Assessment

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Vulnerability Identification

  • Risk Analysis

  • Remediation

Phishing Simulations

Ensure your employees have the highest level of security awareness through continuous training and testing. Hamilton conducts phishing simulations with customized phishing tests and online courses.

Reduce the Human Risk

  • Reduce the Human Risk to your Network

  • Defend Against Changing Threats

  • Improve Employee security Awareness

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Network Sentinel

Elevate your business with a comprehensive software stack designed to fortify your network, minimize risk, and proactively address any IT issues that may arise. As your trusted Managed IT service provider, we specialize in simplifying technology so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Program Advantages

  • Advanced Security Protocols

  • Automated Monitoring and Response

  • Proactive Monitoring for Peace of Mind

  • Unlimited Support. Anytime, Anywhere.

Other IT Services

Offering a full suite of technology solutions that provide the tools and information you need for your PSAP.


  • Managed IT

  • Business Phones

  • Data Center

  • Network Wiring & Cabling

  • Access Control & Security Solutions

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