IT Technician Works on Laptop in Big Data Center full of Rack Servers. Multiple People Works at Data Center at the same time.

In an unpredictable world, your business needs a backup plan to keep data safe and to ensure that your business runs fluently without downtime. Whether natural disaster strikes, or bad actors execute a cyberattack, your business data needs protection.

Data Centers provide a secure offsite location and redundant backup of all your business data. Colocation has become one of the leading solutions for businesses to protect their servers, data and ensure peace of mind in the events of fire, floods, tornadoes, cyberattacks or other issues that might impact your business server.

Recently, Dereck Djernes, Hamilton Information Systems Manager was featured over the airwaves talking about the benefits of a data center.  You can catch the short interview here:

Hamilton can provide your business the optimum power and protection your data needs.

Meeting NIST Tier 3 standards, Hamilton offers 24x7x365 operations, redundancy, and reliability for the highest level of data security. Hamilton delivers professional, expert, technical support for a complete managed hosting solution.

Our Nebraska-based team helps businesses across all industries with achieving the best in business technology, including fully mobile business phone systems, managed IT , cybersecurity, data center services and more.

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